The Ships Log

The Ship

​​​​Nautiloid model
Masterwork banner
Ship's registration
Masterwork harpooning boat
Maps, charts, and ways


Revenues and Accounts Payable

Crew wages: 5 sp per day, per medium-sized crewman
(reduce by 50% for Nevering Barrel of Saltpork, Grog)

Additional considerations:

  • Archibald: 600gp per away mission
  • Dax: plus expenses
  • Nixies: plus superlative water

Current Ship's Balance: 17,000 gold pieces


The Weapon's Bay​​​

Medium masterwork ballista x 3
Medium masterwork catapult
Nautical Figurehead (Dragonhead)


The Cargo Hold

Medium jettison (disassembled)
Sundries (two month supply)
Rations (two month supply)
Fresh water (two month supply)
Hay and straw (two month supply)
A barrel of suspicious hooch
Enough liquor to open a bar
Cheesemaker's kit and setup
Brewer's kit and setup
Goat's milk barrel
Sheep's milk barrel


The Galley

Barrel of Neverending Grog
Barrel of Neverending Saltpork
Barrel of dried fruits
Assortment of cookbooks

The Ships Log

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