Blorm is a young naïve Giff. He is a very common ash grey colored Giff with violet eyes. Blorm was investigating some Chainmen activity as a mercenary and managed to get caught and thrown in a cell. He was rescued by the Fighting Mongooses.


Unlike most Giff, Blorm, was not particular fond of the loud gunpowder weapons and opted to learn archery instead. This was not a great decision career wise as a mercenary as well not a popular choice in general. Most Giff have rejected him from joining their mercenary groups seeing the composite longbow as an inferior weapon to their explosive projectile weapons. As a result, most employers usually turn him away expecting the more typical Giff strapped with large cannons and muskets. His demonstration of skill with the bow as a more precise alternative to gunpowder weapons usually go ignored and as of this date he has zero converts.

Blorm does not have a sense of adventure as much as he has a fascination for watching unique events unfold. This has led to his wanderer lifestyle. He takes jobs not on how lucrative they are but based on where they will take him and what interesting things he might see.


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