Aymon Roquen


Grey Elf with amber eyes and silver hair. Is rebel at heart and doesn’t hold for being told what to do by the authorities. Feels he owes a large debt to the crew of the Mongoose for saving his life. He’s quick to anger if someone is insulting or threatening him or his friends.



Aymon grew up in an elven colony near Braal. He was a rebellious child with a bit of a wild side. Growing up he was usually the small guy even for an elf. Getting picked on early in life set a tone for Aymon not like people being dis-respectful or mean to him or his friends. He learned that hey may not be the strongest guy but he can fight as dirty as he wants. His antics would lead him into trouble with the local law several times. Eventually his parents got feed up with his antics and when the IEN came around they shipped him off to a military boarding school.

While Aymon hated the school at first and still harbors resentments towards his parents for shipping him off. He hated the school till he discovered something he did like at school, magic. He threw himself into studying and found he had an aptitude for divination and certain conjuration spells. He found himself using his new and old talents to further his studies by sneaking around and breaking into restricted sections of the library and labs.

After graduating from the school he went into the navy with a commission of ensign and worked under the intelligence division of the IEN. This is when he learned to pilot spell jammers. During this part of his career he was eventually assigned to work under a particular cold blooded commander. During one mission they were ordered to detain a ship on the suspicion it was smuggling goods. When the ship didn’t respond to any of their signalling to stop the commander ordered to fire on the ship. Meanwhile Aymon had been scrying on members of the other ship he determined that they were not smuggling anything but were just transporting people. Taking this information to his commander, his commander was not swayed and he proceeded to give the order to fire. Aymon was furious that the navy would fire on innocent civilians. He struck his commander from behind knocking him unconscious and gave the order to just fire across the bow of the other ship.

When the commander came too he was furious and brought Aymon to court martial. Under the circumstances rather than make a scene of the whole situation the IEN court for the court martial decided that Aymon should be dishonorably discharged and not killed for disobeying orders considering it could have been a disaster if they had fired on the ship.

After that Aymon started doing freelance work and still has some ties to some people in the IEN intelligence services. Eventually he found himself on an odd plant rock thing when the mongoose came by and picked him up.

Aymon Roquen

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